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This is an American Success Story: How two people with no backing fueled by the passion of getting a job done right, who found themselves working as Agents for Western Union, noticed the flaws in the existing system and created an entirely new company, to provide a much better service and then grew it into a Nationwide Corporation.

The creation of American Telegram® (and later®,® and Balloongram®) was also motivated by passion. The Telegram Company evolved into 10,000 Agents and 45 employees, putting the company American Telegram on the cover of Inc. Magazine in 1993, as one of America's fastest growing companies, surviving and thriving through and after the financial crash in late 2000.

Confidentiality Guaranteed! American Telegram is a Federal Communications Commission Common Carrier and the Secrecy Act protects their customers information, keeping it confidential (which may not be true for many foreign competitors that are not regulated in this way). They will not share any of your information with third parties. American Telegram provides time and date stamped messages that hold up in a court of law as a legal document and your information is kept on file to be provided should the receiver make a fraudulent claim. They provide a third party for you, interceding on your behalf to get your message across with impact, providing file copies and impeccable routing and tracking. American Telegram's Routing and Tracking Division does an incredible amount of follow up. They are not just sending your Telegram. They are building relationships nationwide and worldwide which you can clearly hear, in them knowing information about your contractors' location even before you mention it.

Operator Assistance! Traditionally, Telegrams are dictated to operators. This Telegram Company continues that tradition absolutely essential when cancelling an expensive contract. They invite you to call and speak with live operators 8am - Midnight 7 days a week, or if left, they will quickly return a message, giving you that professional touch that assures confidence. Mailed Telegrams (Postalgrams) are opened first ahead of any other piece of mail, even to this day and certainly hand delivered Telegrams provide incredible impact!

American Telegram provides operator assistance and invites you to have a personal conversation day or night, which is especially important to people doing contract cancellations and relaying important documents. Have that 'one on one' assurance that your message is actually being sent, not just someone on chat that is not quite answering your questions.

Many publications have written articles such as 'American Telegram, the reason people are still sending Telegrams' and customer thank you's published online (Facebook) are extremely heart based.

As far as what is currently known, American Telegram® is the only company in America with a Common Carrier 214 Authorization from the Federal Communications Commission, in business for decades and decades with an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau and other regulatory agencies providing Hand, Mailed, Faxed, Phoned and Emailed Telegrams both here in America and Worldwide through their Telegraphic Network.

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